andrew verdecchio * shannon faber


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There are works of art that leave viewers contented. There are collections of poetry that uplift the spirit.

Those things cannot be found here.

In their literary debut, musician and writer Andrew Verdecchio and artist Shannon Faber have shaped a collection of introspective poetry, horror short stories, and provocative paintings full of reflective intensity and emotion. Inspired by the often concealed but ever present despondency of the human experience, October is an expression of a darker side where discomfort and beauty coalesce - if one is willing to look.

For mature audiences

Paperback, 72 pages

©2017 INK & TEA

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Expected Release Date: February 2019

Inspired by a childhood nightmare, Little is a story about facing and overcoming your fears.

For young audiences

Paperback, 32 pages

©2018 INK & TEA