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Ink & Tea is the publishing home for the creative works of Andrew Verdecchio and Shannon Faber.

In 2014, Andrew and Shannon began their first literary collaboration, telling a story that brought together multiple genres of writing and illustration in an unusual and provocative way.  

Discontent with the restrictions of traditional publishing, they infused the self publishing approach with punk culture mindset and laid the framework for their own publishing house.


Andrew Verdecchio

is a fiction writer, poet and musician born in South Philadelphia.  

While he is best known as the drummer for Five Iron Frenzy, Andy is a prolific storyteller and has a unique aptitude for turning bad situations in to great narratives.

To contact Andy, email ANDY.INKANDTEA@GMAIL.COM


Shannon Faber

is a painter, illustrator and tattoo artist native to Denver, Colorado.  

She specializes in monochromatic works, ranging from tattooing, murals, fine art and literary illustrations to photography and unique adornments for the stage.

To contact Shannon, email